Re: Unable to see video in Plex


Unable to see video in Plex

Router Firmware Version: V1.0.4.28

Current Plex version:  Dec 25, 2018


I currently have two USB connected to the Nighthawk X10 R9000 router.  One USB is configured to use Plex and I am able to watch my videos properly.  I have another video on the second USB and have configured Plex to add this USB but when I try to watch the video I get the following error:


Playback Error
An error occurred trying to play "Parade".

Error code: s1001 (Network)


Does the Nighthawk X10 R9000 router allows Plex to use both USB's attached to the router?  Thanks.

Model: R9000|Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Unable to see video in Plex

did you check the plex forums with this error? Theres a bunch of responses on there about either missing files, corrupt files, updates to plex that caused issues, files having been moved around, etc.  Might be worth investigating. 


Are you able to view/use both hard drives? If so, plex shouldn't care so long as the R9000 recognizes them. There's been issues with compatibility with drives so you just have to make sure that isn't an issue. Multiple users have reported 2 drives working so its more an issue of making sure they're compatible. 

Current Setup: CM2000-> RBK750-> GS716v2-> RAXE500-> Pi-hole->
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Re: Unable to see video in Plex

Thanks for the response.  I have posted this on the Plex forum as well.

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