Unscientific Observation


Unscientific Observation

As of this morning there were 119 replies (29,383 views) of Netgear firmware sticky and 389 replies (94,254 views) of DD-WRT and other firmware sticky. Is it valid to conclude that Netgear wished these numbers were reversed?
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Re: Unscientific Observation

Your conclusions are your own, and mine might be different ...

Certainly, just looking at the numbers without doing a deeper examination on the nature of the replies might be misleading - how many of the 389 replies on the DD-WRT thread relate to issues being experienced with DD-WRT - a greater number of replies could mean nothing more than more people have experienced difficulties with DD-WRT than with stock firmware.

A router manufacturer writing firmware for a consumer device has to, so to speak, walk a tight-rope - the focus will be on providing an interface that the consumer can use without having to study for a network engineering certification - can you offer a full feature set, without the "complexity" that comes with that feature set?

The authors of DD-WRT and any third party firmware in general don't have do that - any user considering third part firmware is going to have a greater level of experience, and is looking to do more than just share a high speed internet connection.

Bear in mind also, that there may be many satisfied users who have taken their new Netgear router out of the box, plugged it in, and never had an issue - you're not going to see them posting here - it's the folks who are unhappy that complain, or the "techies" looking to make the box do something different who frequent the forums.

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Re: Unscientific Observation

These vendors are all in the same boat. It's simple - Time To Market. Let the customers be the (un)official Beta Testers.. Even the authors of the third party software. I've looked at their forums. Same story.
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Re: Unscientific Observation

That appears normal to me, DD-WRT is full of bugs...
It was a good firmware in the past, when the Linksys ones were awful...
To day, when Brainslayer fixes 1 bug, he creates 2 new... Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Unscientific Observation

Yes, it's quite unscientific.

The Netgear firmware thread was started February 11 2015 (54 days ago), the DD-WRT thread was started December 13 2013 (479 days ago). So the threads were not started at the same time, with DD-WRT having at least a one year head start.

If we were to extrapolate the Netgear firmware thread over the same timeframe as the DD-WRT thread (also a pretty unscientific thing to do) we would expect the number of replies to be over 1000.

Alternatively the number of replies that the DD-WRT thread has received since the Netgear thread was started is 72, a little over half the replies of the Netgear firmware thread.

Thread views include all views by people who are not registered on the forums, so the older/longer a thread is, the more views it will have received. I have not checked but would not be surprised if relationship between the number of replies and the number of views is exponential.

But one last and perhaps more important point is, that Netgear are actually quite supportive of third-party firmware.
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