Update on RMAd router w/ wireless drops


Update on RMAd router w/ wireless drops

I finally have been able to set up my RMA'd nighthawk again. and I've had it running for about a week. Mine got RMA'd because devices on the 2.4ghz connections (and maybe others, it's hard to tell unless they are things like printers) would over time lose their access, even though they remained connected.

So....long story short, in case any of this helps others in the lost access boat:

1) RMAd modem came w/ old firmware. I believe they actually sent me a new router. I decided not to update it. It came with V1.0.3.24_1.1.20, which I think is the one before the current 60 one.

2) Has behaved just as I expected. No problems whatsoever. Knock on wood.

3) I decided to not do Autochannel on 2.4, but picked channel 11. Even though I have neighbors all over the channel map w/ 2.4, 11 seemed like a reasonably empty channel, with minimal overlap.

So all of this leaves me with a couple of doubts, was it the channel problem all along, which tech support didn't even bring up, or was my original router defective? I am not about to muck around w/ the channel, I've got this working, and I'm not going to touch it.

So right now, I'm liking this device again 🙂

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Re: Update on RMAd router w/ wireless drops

Actually lots of thing can go wrong in the process of firmware update!!!
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Re: Update on RMAd router w/ wireless drops

You buy a product, you get a warranty. If you are not satisfied wit the product, you are entitled to a refund or exchange. You never have anything to lose (time, hair, stamps, etc ... not included) by exchanging & comparing a product b/c you are skeptical with it's performance. I sometimes wait to the day before to return an item just because I want a new one because I may have done something wrong while I was learning how to use it. Anyways, glad you got yours working. I've been up 14 days without a hitch. The odd youtube vine vids will stop & then start up once in a while, but everything has been really good, and yes I'm knocking on wood too b/c routers are never a fun thing to trouble shoot.
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