Using Netgear with CenturyLink


Using Netgear with CenturyLink

I'm posting this as NetGear customer service was unable to assist with my issue. I managed to figure it out based on information in this forum, but wanted to add some clarification steps:


This will work for connecting most NetGear products with Centurylink ISP. Centurylink has a different configeration for their modems to work with non-Centurylink routers. This configuration means that directly connecting your computer to the modem with an ethernet cable will not give your device internet access, a situation customer service support was not expecting.


To start, do NOT use the app to configure your settings. Once connected its great, but you can't use it to get the router online. You must use a computer and its browser (and really recomend not trying to use a phone, the NetGear page doesn't load well, you really want a laptop browser):


  • For the router, need to go to advanced settings (note, this can only be done for some through a web browser with ethernet connection and going to
  • Find setting for VLAN / Bridge Settings
    • Enable VLAN / Bridge Setup
    • Enter 201 for VLAN ID
  • Next, go to Internet Setup
    • Internet Connection Requires Login -> Yes
    • Internet Service Provider ->PPoE
    • Login -> [Provided by ISP, you'll need to call Centurylink]
    • Password -> [Provided by ISP, you'll need to call Centurylink]
    • Connection mode -> Always On
    • Internet IP Address -> Get Automatically from ISP
    • Router MAC Address -> Use Default Address
  • Then select Connect from the applicable selection from the router menu

I hope this helps folks. I'm happy with my setup now that it's working.

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Re: Using Netgear with CenturyLink

Trying to connect my R8000 router to Century Link t1100 modem. Finally accessed advanced settings and couldn't find VLAN-bRIDGE SETTINGS.  Router shows no internet Genie says "no cable plugged into router internet port". All router lights on except "internet" Any ideas?

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Re: Using Netgear with CenturyLink

> Trying to connect my R8000 router to Century Link t1100 modem. [...]

   Note that the Technicolor C1100T is actually a DSL modem+router, not
a simple "modem".  Is your CenturyLink service DSL, or something newer
and more exotic?


   You have a very different situation.  You should start your own new
thread for your own different problem.  When you do that, you should
include some basic information, including:




   Did you want to connect client devices to both the C1100T and the
R8000, or did you want to use the C1100T as a modem-only ("bridge
mode"), and connect all your client devices to the R8000?

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Re: Using Netgear with CenturyLink I was trying to connect my C1100t Modem/Router to NIghthawk R8000

Thank you for your response. I am aware that the Centurylink C1100t is a modem/router.  I was told by Centurylink I could connect it to a Nighthawk router. The reason is to expand /improve my wifi distribution. My son gave me the Nighthawk router and I downloaded the Install Manual, and followed the steps. First of all will it do me any good to wifi-wise to connect the two, or am I just wasting my time.  CenturyLink wifi in my area is quite narrow bandwidth and slow.  Will this help or not?  You sound like you might know.  Appreciate any help, thanks.

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