VLAN/IPTV option


VLAN/IPTV option

I put my untrusted devices on the switch connected to PORT 4 of my router, and then I enabled "VLAN/IPTV" on that port (using "by bridge group" as the option)


I was hoping the router would just assign a different subnet via DHCP to these devices, but it's not working.  What am I missing exactly?


My goal is to have a part of my network isolated (things like IP camera's) on a separate VLAN to secure the network better.




Model: R7300DST|Nighthawk DST—AC1900 DST Router
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Re: VLAN/IPTV option

Hi natv,


VLAN/IPTV feature of the router is intended for ISP setup.

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Re: VLAN/IPTV option

Thanks @Case850


The looks interesting indeed.


Is it hard to set up, basically I'm fine with a basic setup of having 2 separate LANS, just to isolate them from each other (put untrusted stuff on one). I'm fine with having to set IP addresses statically on the unstrusted vlan so I don't need a DHCP server there.


My regular network will be my current Netgear Nighthawk (so that can continue to serve the regular network with wifi / dhcp)


Does this idea make sense? Would I just make my regular home network (192.168.2.x) the DMZ to get the netgear take over that side of things?






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