VLAN tagged on internet port on R7800

Hi there,

Because of sillyness of my ISP, I need to configure a particular VLAN tagged on the internet port in order to replace my ISP provided router with my recently acquired NightHawk R7800. In a recent firmware update, I see I can enable VLANs on all ports except the Internet port. Is there any workaround for this?

Thanks a lot!
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Re: VLAN tagged on internet port on R7800

Hi dcampora,


The KB article below will show the VLAN configuration you can do for NETGEAR routers.



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Re: VLAN tagged on internet port on R7800

Thanks a lot for the reply! Smiley Happy


I went through that page, but unfortunately it doesn't cover my use case. I would need to set up the Internet port as a VLAN tagged port.


In brief detail, my ISP requires both a custom MAC and a custom VLAN tag set on a port. This is the default settings of the router shipped with my Internet contract, and I'd love to replace that with the NightHawk if this functionality could be provided in the future Smiley Happy

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Re: VLAN tagged on internet port on R7800

One workaround is to put a small smart switch between the router and the modem, and have it add the tags.  I only have one ethernet connection to my R8500 router location, and I use a GS108T to allow me to carry WAN and LAN traffic over a single cable (using VLAN tagging).  The GS108T then separates the traffic and removes the tags (downlink direction), and aggregates it (adding tags) in the uplink direction.


It'd be nice if the Nighthawks had more complete VLAN tagging support, allowing me to do this w/o the GS108T.

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