Vizio E24 SmartTV wont connect to 6700v2


Vizio E24 SmartTV wont connect to 6700v2

I have two Vizio E24i TVs (one is an A1 and one is a B1).  Neither can connect to my Nighthawk 6700v2.  Both can connect to other older routers.  I have done the following:


Factory reset on the TV

Confirmed that the TV can connect to other routers

Connected to the 6700 over a wirted connection

Confirmed that the system is not being blocked by access control

Verified the SSID and password are correct

Confirmed tha thr encruption type is correct


This seems to be specific to older Vizio TVs as my newer E48-C2 connects correctly.


Thanking you in advance

Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Vizio E24 SmartTV wont connect to 6700v2

Do the TVs connect to the network but do not get an Internet connection? Or does it not even connect at all to the SSID?




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