Re: WAN port not working


WAN port not working


All of a sudden, my router WAN port not functioning. When I connect my cable modem with Ethernet to my router, WAN port is not flashing or no lid light. Please help me in troubleshooting.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: WAN port not working

First verify the modem is sending out a signal. Using a different cable connect a PC directly to the modem, however first power down the modem with the present cable disconnected and then with the PC off, put the cable from the PC into the modem, and then power up the modem. Once up, turn on the PC. Does the PC have Internet service?


If it doesn't, call your ISP.


If it does, power everything off, then using the cable to the PC connect that to the Router WAN port (with the router off). Power on modem. wait for it to come up, then power up the router. Did that fix the WAN port LED and it is now white?


If it is, connect a PC to a port and see if you have Internet.


If not, possibly a bad modem or it needs to be RESET. What happens after your RESET it via the button in the back that is 'in a hole' which you hold for 10 seconds or more and release?

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