WIreless not working / hardline works


WIreless not working / hardline works

Ive been trying to somehow find a phone number from Customer Support, I have been unable to find one. Every time I log into my account and click support, it logs me out and asks me to log in again to get support. I got this modem 2 weeks ago and no phone number for customer support anywhere, not one number.  


So here is the problem, hopefully you can help me. 


I got a 6700V. Connected the hardwire cat 5 from the wall to the router then another cable to the PC. My pc DOES NOT have wifi / wireless adapter. Its a work station. Internet works fine on the PC. The problem is that the wifi does not work. I mean its visible, and i can connect to it, but it does not access the internet. When I go into Netgear Genie, it says WIFI STATUS: NOT ENABLED and I cannot turn it back on. Every phone and laptop i try to connect to the wifi cannot reach the internet. How do I fix this? I need to basically do this:

  • Have my PC on hardline from the router. 
  • Have my phone, laptop connect to the same router via wifi
  • Need them all to have internet. 

I have attached the screen shot for my Genie so you can see whats up. 




PS> Can I please have a phone number for customer support?

Model: R6700v2|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: WIreless not working / hardline works

  1. There IS no published support phone line for LEGITIMATE Netgear Support.
  2. Did you CREATE AN ACCOUNT and log in with that?
  3. If you did, did you REGISTER your router?
  4. Can you see it on the list?

Once you do that you open a CASE with your problem. Netgear will e-mail you with any information that they have or need and might CALL you or give you a number to call.


You picture shows WIRELESS NOT ENABLED...


Two causes, although since you can see the Wireless SSID's it would seem it is? On the router top are LED's. This LINK is for the R6700 model, and look at page 10 and 11 for what the lights mean. If the WIFI ON/OFF is off, you do not have Wifi, but again, I don't think that is the problem.


So the next thing to look at is the Wireless devices. Did you have a router before that was working? Did it have the SAME SSID's? If so, FORGET the networks on the devices and start over connecting. Old settings were probably used.


By the way, the R6700 has 3 version, no V, V2, and V3. It might help to know which you really have and the Firmware loaded.

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