Where is the Customer Service?


Where is the Customer Service?

I have been communicating or I thought I was with someone called Marco in NetGear about my router registration and it seems they don't want to help me or they don't understand.

The problem is simple. I registered the router and forgot the email I registered it to. Maybe I misspelled a word or two, so I don't have an email to c infirm registration. Well, I have provided "Marco" with all the e-mails I think I could have registered it to, the receipt of my buy and the serial number photo from the bottom of the router (R7000).

He seems not to understand what I require. I need to know the e-mail I used. I provided several possibilities. I also told him he could un-register it so I could re-register properly. He only confirms that IT IS REGISTERED - which I know because I check its serial Number on the web site and it tells me it is registered. And now I wonder to WHOM? Did I receive a returned item from the store I bought it from?

I need to verify it is registered under one of my e-mails!!! HELP!!!!!

I have been at these for over a week and I seem to stumble upon a wall all the time….

What is going on with Customer Service? Where is CS located?
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Re: Where is the Customer Service?

Please take a look at your PMs, I don’t want you to posts your registration details in the open forum.

Is there an issue that you need help with besides registration?
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Re: Where is the Customer Service?

I think customer service used to be in the Philippines,
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