Why is a Chinese Telecom able to kick me offline all day long?!

Wow.....where to begin....


Can someone at Netgear tell me why a Chinese Telecom from city of Nanjing in the state of Jiangsu is constantly attacking my router and forcing my laptop to disconnect every 5 minutes????? Also tell me why there is no SIMPLE way to block an incoming connection from an IP is this even possible that you dont have a way to do that? Oh this router is too old? Ok, then I'll stop spending hundreds of dollars on your products since they are outdated and not capable of handling simple tasks. 


The destination IP that this China telecom is trying to access THROUGH MY PERSONAL NETWORK is some random place in Walnut Grove California, where I am no where near located to. Connection is refused but not after it kicks me offline about 30 times each day. Teardrop, ping of death etc, is listed in the logs but there is no way to stop them from trying to use your router as a portal. WHY!? 


Seriously Netgear, this peice of hardware you have and the firmware updates that my ISP provides are doing nothing for me and your documenation is just plain awful. Factory reset doesn't work, it almost seems like this is a known problem and Netgear can't be bothered to do anything about it. Point the finger at the ISP who inturn points the finger back at you, meanwhile some Chinese company can CONTINUOSLY KICK ME OFFLINE in my own home!


Im sorry to vent here but I am incredibly frustated that a company as established as yours allows Chinese Telecoms into thier infrastructure with ability to FORCE MY PERSONAL DEVICES OFFLINE, and you provide no way to block incoming connections!!!!


My ISP is Cox, my firmware version is 1.02.12 and the model is NightHawk C7000V2 Modem/Router Combo. Incoming IP is and is trying to communicate with destination IP of Both are attempting to use Port 0 which is a wildcard port scanning technique to see which ports it might be able to find that are open. Good thing I know a little bit about networking isn't it Netgear?


I need a solution ASAP or it's back to Arris who always worked and didn't allow ANYONE into my own network and provides clear ways to block incoming connections.






Model: C7000-1AZNAS|Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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