Wi-Fi connection strong but streaming on TV & Xbox lags


Wi-Fi connection strong but streaming on TV & Xbox lags

I have an XR1000 Pro Gaming Router but it wasn't letting me select that for my model.


When streaming live TV my Xbox Series X and Samsung TV both have lag and buffering issues. Gaming on the Series X also has some lag/skipping issues. The signal strength on my Wi-Fi analyzer app says -57 dBm. Freq 5220MHz (160MHz) Channel 44(42). 585 Mbps.


These are the devices on my network but they arent always active at the same time


4 TVs, 2 xboxs, 2 laptops, 2 Google homes, 3 phones, 1 nin switch, 2 alexas.


Running ethernet to the Xbox and TV just isn't possible so what should I be looking at to figure out the issue? Is there settings in the router I can tinker with to help with the issue? Should I get a repeater???? 


Model: XR700|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Wi-Fi connection strong but streaming on TV & Xbox lags

Your RF environment could be very high in traffic.  Have you used one of the analyzer applications from the application store?  Wi-Fi Analyzer is one for Windows.   There are several free applications out there.  No need to pay.


Have you considered a power line adapter to get internet signal closer to your X Box and TV?  Get one that has an ethernet output.

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Re: Wi-Fi connection strong but streaming on TV & Xbox lags

A couple things. 

1. you couldn't find the model probably because you're not in the pro-gaming forum for the XR1000.

The DumaOS guys on there are great at helping with the DumaOS devices. 

2. How big is your home? 

3. what are the interior walls made from? (some materials block better than others)

4. Are you using smart connect? 

5. What happens if you disable smart connect to force the connection to the 5ghz on the tv's?

6. Are you using wpa3? I've seen a few devices have issue with wpa3. 

7. What modem/gateway is the router connected to? 


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