Wi-Fi extension for home or replacement router?


Wi-Fi extension for home or replacement router?

First post on this forum so forgive me if this is in the wrong area or the question has been already answered, but here goes.


We’re a Mac operation at home. Main computer is a fairly new iMac. Wife and I also have our own MacBook Pros and iPads. Our wireless router is an Apple Time Capsule (TC). My wife spends 95% of her time on the iPad. I’m just the opposite as I spend 95% of my time on the iMac.


The issue is that our wireless home network runs from the TC which is located on one side of the house. As a result the signal strength is a problem on the other side. In addition, there simply is no signal on the outside deck on that side for my wife to use her iPad.  She uses her iPad very frequently which forces her to be inside the home. She had cellular service for the iPad but we dropped it sometime ago to save money.


So the question here is, what should I do to get a signal on the weak side and especially on the outside deck?


Should I buy a replacement router that is “stronger” to get the signal she needs, or is an extender or something else the answer?


I’m on the “weak side” as far as knowledge about these systems, so a more “basic” explanation would be appreciated.


Two additional items.


One, the distance from where she gets a signal inside the home to the deck where she has no signal is maybe 20-25 feet with only an outside wall in between.


Two, it’s my understanding that Apple is dropping the TC line. This makes me think that perhaps a router replacement might be a better answer as long as the signal strength is enough to make her happy. . . . and never forget that a happy wife means a happy life.


I would like recommendations about which NetGear product would be the best solution for me. Also I would prefer to spend a few extra dollars than get a cheap solution that doesn't work well.


In advance, thanks for any effort to assist and replies.

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Re: Wi-Fi extension for home or replacement router?

Here's the issue. 

there isn't really a "stronger" wifi. broadcast signal strength is set by the fcc and router makers are limited by that. 

With that out of the way, some are a bit better than others. Part of the reason wireless AX can reach further is due to improvements in signal quality/density so even a weaker signal still has decent speeds. 


Another point. You put that her signal drops just from going outside 20 ft. What is that exterior wall made off? Exterior walls tend to be better at blocking wifi because certain materials block wifi better than others. foil lined insulation, hvac in walls, adobe walls, concrete/brick walls, metal siding, etc can all block wifi really well. It might not seem like much but it can really drop a signal from usable to worthless. 


How big is your home? 

If its big enough, I'm a fan of netgear Orbi. they've got great speeds, can be easily expanded for additional coverage (even outdoor units), and have been droppping in price since the new AX devices are being released. 

Only key to them is the router/satellites need to be at least 30ft apart. 

I'd also avoid the Orbi dual bands. The whole purpost of orbi, in my opinion, is having a dedicated backhaul for router-----satellite communication that is found in the tri-band orbi's. it keeps speeds up and decreases latency. 


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Re: Wi-Fi extension for home or replacement router?

Thanks for reply. It helps.

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