WiFi Analyzer playing tricks on me


WiFi Analyzer playing tricks on me

I've been having issues with certain devices losing connectivity to the WiFi sporadically for the past year. All the devices are in different parts of the house. One is a laptop and one is a Roku. I do have smart phones as well, but I have unlimited data so I usually don't keep track whether I'm on WiFi or not to know if they were affected equally.

So I go to check my WiFi channel to see if it's probably on a congested signal. When I do the initial walk around the house checking, it says channel 1 is the best choice for 2.4ghz, and 144 is the best for 5ghz. So I make the changes and go to test again. Now it's saying Ch 5 and 36 are the best, and Ch 1 and 144 are zero stars. Wtf? So I switch back and it did it again. So I truly have no idea how I've made a difference. What gives? Also, side note, there are multiple routers popping up on the big 3 (1,6,11) so I know it's not just the Analyzer picking up my one device and using that as a reason to say the channel is bad.

Any ideas?

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Re: WiFi Analyzer playing tricks on me

Well, to start with, what 'WiFi Analyze'? There are quite a few of them.


I use Acrylic, and see the screen capture on left.


You can have MANY users on the same channel of an SSID. More importantly, it is the -dBM  (RSSI on Acrylic) reading. The stronger ones would be towards 0. If others are as strong or close to your SSID, that can cause interference. Again, see my 5Ghz band (mine are blurred out) I am on now. The other SSID is far weaker than mine and is not a problem.


Maybe NETSPOT with its survey mode might be better for you?

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