Re: WiFi speeds unusually slow?


WiFi speeds unusually slow?

So I replaced my RT-N66u router from Asus with this R8000 and upon use the first thing that I've noticed is that my wifi speeds are significantly slower than on my Asus. I've got TWC's 100mb service (soon to be 300), and my wifi speeds on my iPhone are never close to that - they hit about 45, which I've always questioned in itself. Well moving on to this router, I'm hitting 15-25mb's max - and that's on both the 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz bands. I have that beam feature on, maybe that's the problem? Also have that feature on so that both 5Ghz antennas act as one, or whatever it is - smart connect? Which brings me to another question. Why is it that my phone always resorts to the 2.4Ghz band in the router? I'm always having to toggle it back to the 5Ghz band. Also, I have 20/40mhz coexistance disabled so that's not the case either for the slower wireless speeds. I should also mention my wired speeds are very inconsistent as well in comparison with all other routers I've ever had. Doing a speed test I'm always locked in at about 110-113mb's on my connection at all times of the day, solid bar across the test. Well with this router I'm getting a heavily fluctuated speed - back and forth between 105 or so all the way down to 80 at times.

This is my 2nd R8000, I should also say. I picked up my first one and it ran solid for about a week, and ever since then it would drop connection completely forcing a manual reboot in order to get back online - this would happen 3x a day and got frustrating. Swapped it out for another, and it hasn't been a week yet - but no dropouts so far.
I got this router mainly to do with opening up the NAT types on the three Xbox One's we have in this household. From what I remember with my past Netgear routers, it was always so easy to do on them - just checkmark 'open NAT type and Disable SIP ALG and all was good, open NAT types for everyone. But it's been 6 years since I've had a Netgear router. I'm thinking that the R8000 may be a bit overkill for me. But with hands on experienced users, how much better is this R8000 over the R7000? Is the R7000 more rock solid, etc? What features will I be missing if I 'downgrade' to that router instead? I have the opportunity to grab either the R7000 or R8000 and whatever the choice, an R6200 will come along free with it so I can set up an Access Point, something I've never done before but feel might be worth it as a large portion of my house just doesn't get covered off one router. Which, again, leads me to another small question. Setting up an AP router, how seemless does a wifi connection off mobile devices transfer back and forth over to the stronger signal?

I'm sure this thread is unexpected from the titling, but nevertheless, would appreciate some help! Thanks in advance.
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Re: WiFi speeds unusually slow?

You may try the beta firmware for R8000. There is a thread where you can download the firmware. Try it and provide your feedback.

R8000 Beta FW V1.0.1.8
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