WiFi won’t connect on any device

At this point I’m desparate for answers. For years I’ve had no issues with WiFi using my standard ISP modem. Then last summer I couldn’t connect to the WiFi on any devices. I could see the network, it would connect for a few seconds, then disconnect. Got a new actiontec modem/router from my ISP. It worked for maybe a week or two then same issue. Sometimes changing the channel would fix it for a few hours but then stop. I used a WiFi analyzer to see what kind of congestion I had from neighbors and there wasn’t anything notable. I tried relocating the router to different spots in the house, unplugging power to all wireless 2.4 ghz devices and only attempting to connect with one device-nothing helped. I bought the Nighthawk R6900 thinking maybe if I buy a good router, problems will be solved. It worked wonderfully for 3 weeks, but now back to the same issue I originally had.

I’ve searched Google and forums endlessly to no avail. I’m tech savvy so I’ve tried to isolate it as much as possible but nothing device related or environmental is popping up here. I just can’t explain why everything works fine then nothing connects. It’s almost like it’s authentication related. Randomly I’ll get a connection and will be able to connect to the internet, but within a minute or two I’m dropped. THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!
Model: R6900|Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: WiFi won’t connect on any device

If you have had the same problem with different hardware, this suggests that the issue lies somewhere outside the modem/router system.


How many wifi devices are we talking about here?


You say you got an Actiontec modem/router from your ISP. Have you checked that it is no in router  mode? If it is then it will fight the R6900 to control the network, unless you have put the R6900 in Access Point mode. This could upset the wifi.


Check to see if there is an option to turn the modem into bridge or modem only mode.




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