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Wifi 5G drop

Hello all,
I experience on my router a lot off drops when the device is connected on 5Ghz. On 2.4 I don't have this problem. I use the latest firmware. How can I solve this problem?
Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: Wifi 5G drop

Hello Herc6,


Is this a new install? or previous install?

Has it worked fine in the past and just now is a problem?

What have you done to resolve the problem?

Can you provide a more detailed description of the problem?

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Re: Wifi 5G drop

this is a new install. I have a lot of connection lost on the DFS channel. Also the internet connection is dropped. I red in this community that there were issues with that. I hope this is solved, or should I return this router back ?
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Re: Wifi 5G drop


Recently there has been a lot of discussion regarding dropping WiFi and the fix is pointing at doing a complete FW Upgrade.


It's possible that may resolve your issue, but it may not depending on what the root of your problem is...


Complete Firmware Update

1. Download the latest firmware from Netgear support for your router to your computer and extract it from the zip file

2. Factory Reset Router

3. Connect cable to router from computer and get logged into the router

4. Do a firmware upgrade between the router and cabled computer

5. After FW upgrade success do another Factory Reset

6. Enter all settings manually. Do not use a saved configuration file


See if that resolves your issue.

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Re: Wifi 5G drop

During the setup latest firmware is installed. The version is V1.4.1.50_1.3.10.
Can I disable DFS ?
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Re: Wifi 5G drop


I wasn't suggesting that you simply update the firmware.

I outlined a procedure for you to follow to update the firmware.


DFS is not a function nor is it a feature of the router. The router just supplies the connection.

Could be a VPN connection or over the internet, or something else.

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