Wifi SSID reset to factory default with *soft* reset


Wifi SSID reset to factory default with *soft* reset

When I reset by power cycling or through the app (both Android & PC), the SSID for my wifi networks resets to the factory default NETGEAR-1 (or similar) with no wifi password. This is obviously frustrating, but also a security risk since the default is unsecure (not the greatest idea, Netgear). This happens about 75% of the time on resets. I'm not using the small reset button to cycle. Nighthawk Router R7900P - v1.3.0.10
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Re: Wifi SSID reset to factory default with *soft* reset

@mareshcj wrote:
When I reset by power cycling ...


What does that mean? Reset and power cycling are two different things in Netgear speak.


Power cycling is what it says. Turn the power off and on. This should not wipe out your settings.


Reset does not require any power cycling, it is simply a case of pressing the reset "button" on the device. This is designed to get back to factory settings, which means wiping out any changes you made.


It sounds like you are just power cycling. No reset involved.


One way to reduce the hassle of changing the settings ever time is to create a backup and then to restore that. See page 139 in the manual at the end of this link:


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Two things to try, you have the latest firmware, but I have seen reports here that it doesn't always take. So you could try flashing it again.


The second trick, which may seem strange, is to do a factory reset. Try that first. If that fails, reflash, reset and see if that is any better.


A full reset is especially useful if you have never done that since you updated the firmware.


New firmware sometimes introduces changes that are not compatible with the old configuration.

So while it isn't guaranteed to fix problems a factory reset is the first thing to try if you have issues with new firmware.


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