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Wifi ac slow speed on download

Windows-8.1 computer connected by 5e Ethernet cable to a Gigabit Router
iPad Air-2 iOS 8.1.3 connected with wifi AC to the network
Netgear R7000 router (up to date)

I can upload a big video file of 877Megs to the windows-8.1 computer
in 20 seconds so about 43Megs/sec !
But to retrieve the same file or other big file from the same computer
I only obtain around 14Megs/sec speed...3 times slower...

Should I see the same speed from both way ?

Or is it normal to have a slower download ?

Could it be that slow speed on download is du to the fact that iPad Air-2 cannot write a file on is memory faster then 14Megs/sec ?

Anyone else see the same things ? Or see same speed both way ?
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Re: Wifi ac slow speed on download

It's definitely not abnormal to see different read/write speeds. Whether it's the Windows 8.1 computer or your iPad is hard to say without doing more tests:

- Test downloading to the iPad from another computer on the network.
- Test downloading from the Win8.1 computer to another computer on the network.

You need to do a little more troubleshooting and go about this methodically/scientifically to get your answer.
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