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Wifi not in range help?

Hi, this is my second ac2350(r7500) the problem is , i installed everything , got the internet connection wired no problem (120mbps) but when i connect through wifi like around 25 ft away from my router , the ssid says is not in range.. This is crazy. Help please , do i need any tweaking ,
(firmware is up to date) or should i just get ac1900 .

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Re: Wifi not in range help?

More info would help, does the devise connect at a closer range ? If so then maybe you have hit a dead spot and could get a range extender. If not then maybe try a different WiFi adapter.

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Re: Wifi not in range help?

Hi, OP, keep in mind. WiFi is between router and client. Client side could be weak link. I use R7500 and all WiFi connections on either 2.4GHz or 5 GHz work just fine.
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