Wifi speed R7500

I have a Nighthawk x4 R7500 and it  has been great... but I have just upgraded my internet service from 200mbs to 400mbs  down and so I started to check our download speeds... when we had the 200mbs I was getting 200mbs download on the wifi... but now,  I am testing with the faster service and my wifi download proably average about 250 max.   I have everything in the router set to 5 g fastest connectioin and I am getting 400 -450mbs when I'm  wired.. it's the wifi I'm not seeing the speed...


So that makes me wonder (and I can not find anywhere) what is the Wifi speed in the Nighthawk x4  R7500.   I am sitting almost next  to the router so my signal isn't a problem ... and Honestly when I tried to ask someone at Netgear I could not get an answer.. .it's not in the manual or specs anywhere... other than setting the speed on the G5 side to the highest I think was about 1750..  


Hopefully this question is an easy one... and if the Wifi on this unit is limiting me... what's the best router to replace it with?  





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Re: Wifi speed R7500

> [...] it's the wifi I'm not seeing the speed... [...]


   What evidence have you that the problem is with the router, and not
with your (unspecified) client device?  Does your (unspecified) client
device get a higher speed with any other router?


> So that makes me wonder (and I can not find anywhere) what is the Wifi
> speed in the Nighthawk x4 R7500. [...]


   Visit , put in your model number, and look
for Documentation.  Get the User Manual (at least).  Read.  Note that
all the wireless speeds mentioned in the documentation are accompanied
by disclaimers ("up to", and so on).  There's a reason for this: Too
many variables.


> [...] about 1750 [...]


   "1750" what?  Mb/s?  Between what and what?  The router and _one_
client device?  I doubt it.  Even if the router-client link speed were
1750Mb/s, how fast is the WAN/Internet port on the router?  And your
Internet service is slower than that.  Expecting these (inflated?)
published speed numbers to resemble closely the actual speeds which you
will observe might be unrealistic.


   A Web or forum search for terms like, say:
      slow  wi-fi
might find any number of similar complaints.  And, perhaps, even some
standard advice.

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Re: Wifi speed R7500

hanAntinode,  thank you for the reply and comments on my set up ... to answer your first question ... I'm not exatly sure... but, I'm starting to understand a bit more... it seems like my Dell Inspratoin 15-7000 wifi card is not the best.. .it is an intel AC 3165 and several owners have complained about the higher Wifi speed.  I"m getting between 220 and 270  wich in some cases folks say that is great.  


So  I used my new Samsung Cell Phone to run the tests and it is getting about 370 off the routher so that leads me back to my Dell..or other clients.   I have a samsung Tab A 2019 and for some reason it's only getting around 170 to 200 so I am suspecting it's no the fastest wifi in there either... I"ll contact Samsung on that one. 


Thank you for the link for documentation I now have downloaded all the information and manuals on the router... 


Under mode In the router wifi 5g I have this:  channel 153   Mode Up To 1733Mbps


I am going to look more at my notebook... connected up to my lan on a 1GB connectiton I am getting the full 400MBS download.... so again I am thinking its more the Notebook issue.... 





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