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Wifi speed suggestions



I am having slow speeds over my 5ghz wifi. I have a gigabit connection which has been verified from the modem via wired connect @ 1 gbs. I have reset the router to factory setting and with the same PC that was wired to modem, I connect via ethernet to the router and verified same speed. I then connected to 5G wireless and see speeds of 400 mbs. This router is the R6900v2. 


I have a R6400V2 router setup as an AP (using AP setting in router) broadcasting different SSID again with factory settings. Wired speeds are good but wifi is roughly the same. I made sure to test the main router wifi to see if this ap was causing interference and speeds stay roughly the same (10s of mb difference) 


While I don't expect to achieve a full gigabit connect over wifi, I feel I should be getting atleast 750 or higher consistently. All these tests were conducted with only one device on the network. I do have IP cameras and google home devices that are wiress that i specifically assign to the AP to keep the wifi of the main router "clear" for PC's. I've tested speeds as I added various devices to the AP without much change. There was some but again nothing substantial. I have some older (5 years) devices that are 2.4 ghz restricted (older chromecast, Wii U, roomba) that I made sure to connect to the AP's 2.4 signal. Also my smart home hub has an 10/100 ethernet adapter but i don't think its' the issue. I try to keep devices off the 2.4 signal if possible. I currently have 10-12 devices on each frequency and the load is fairly balanced between routers.  I've switched channels and the 6900 is capable of Auto mode in 5g but this has shown no success. My signal strenth is good and speeds are consistent through out the house. Anyone have any tips or see anything that i'm doing wrong? Again, both routers (outside of the channel changing,AP mode, and SSID / password) have been left at factory defaults. The firmware is listed below. Thanks for your help!  


Firmware on 6900:

Firmware on 6400:


Model: R6900v2|Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Wifi speed suggestions

Judging by your setup, your knowledge is probably much greater than mine... but , here goes anyway... Everything hardwired should be at least cat5e to support Gb speeds. but on to the wifi... when you set your 5GHz band to automatic, does it select & show a channel number(s) after saving those settings? or does it still show as 5GHZ>AUTOMATIC under advanced settings? for example my 5G band auto set on 153 and works great. if memory serves me , the 2.4 band shows a few different channels it selected after saving settings to auto. also recommend certain DNS servers, but that’s a different convo....

*i guess id have to see the setup, but now
my focus is on whatever 10/100 hub you mentioned.. im sure you’ve considered this though ...
Model: R6900v2|Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router
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