Won't connect to modem

My router Won't connect to modem. I tried different ways and nothing. The light stays red and doesn't turn white. I try resetting it but nothing either. I connected another router I had and that one works. Seems like doesn't get connection to modem. Anyone can help?

Model: R6700v2|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Won't connect to modem

There is a proper sequence to use when installing a new router. 

Turn off both the modem and router. 

Then turn on the modem and wait for it to complete the boot up, usually around two minutes.

Then turn the router on.

After the router boots up the router should then connect to the modem. Make sure you have a good cable between the modem and router. 

ISP Comcast, Modem-Netgear CM1150V, Router-Unifi Security Gateway-Pro4, AP-2 Unifi AP-LR
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