X10 R9000 Did i just bought a router that has almost half of the features useless?


X10 R9000 Did i just bought a router that has almost half of the features useless?

Hi i looked a lot to find out dongles for the the AD R9000 router and nothing is comming out. Even looked for stuff at CES 2018 and nada. 
Is this router a waist of money beside the cpu performance?

Anybody know where to find a dongle to use the AD features..

Model: R9000|Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: X10 R9000 Did i just bought a router that has almost half of the features useless?

No dongles. As there ae - to my knowledge - no 802.11ad USB 2/3 chipsets available. For several reasons.

At the time the Nighthawk X10 (R9000) was designed and launched on the market, 802.11ad was an upcoming, leading edge technology. Luckily, we bought some notebooks soon after, which came with 802.11ad interfaces. 

Similar to current and coming-up standard, 802.11ad is IEEE standardized, interoperability and promotion was done under by the Wireless Gigabit Alliance.

Of course, few 802.11ad interfaces exist, were built - but never became widely available on the market. The interface alone won't help you much, there is also a need of a tiny surface matrix antennae for this 60 GHz - and this beast does run hot.

Needless to say - 60 GHz is a pain. The cat behind the notebook or your GF walking through the line of sight between the computer and the router will kill or temporary stop the communication.


Intel provided the Tri-Band Wireless-AC 17265 and the Wireless Gigabit Sink W13100 "Maple Peak" - this line was declared EoL by end of 2017. Rumour says that Intel might continue to offer its Tri Band Wireless-AC 18265 "Oak Peak" controllers as well as the Wireless Gigabit Antenna-M 10101R products - odd enough, these were never certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

That much about "there are none" - afraid, you are wrong.  But yes, there are no new interfaces for the latest M.2 CNVio interface spec used in coming-up mobile systems.

SImilar things happened on other technology and computer interface development - some never became mainstream. 

When I see that a big German car manufacturer in model year 2018 still has DAB+ radios as optional equipment for the European market - considering FM transmission will start to disappear in the next few years in Europe, figure. Yes - some ten or so years ago DAB radios were offered and sold in the market - these don't work anymore today, because the standard was obsoleted. Same for what was brilliant some decades ago - Digitales Satelliten-Radio was showcased in 1982, introduced in 1989, .... 1994 the satellite emissions were stopped. That's the circle of technology life.

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