X10 R9000 drops Wifi

I have an X10 R9000 from 2018. There is one room where connection started to get poor  over time, so I updated the firmware and also bought an extender. At the same time, our cell phones would lose Wifi and use cellular data through the house and would never connect back to the Wifi, unless we manually went into the phone to find the wifi and connect. Customer service a) takes 40 minutes before getting a hold of someone, b) transfers you multiple people, c) tells you a supervisor will call you but no call will ever come. They do not assist in helping you with the problem but instead try selling you "phone support plans." There is no customer service at Netgear, just marketing and selling. They make products that barely last the 1 year Warranty, forcing you to buy another one, and any attempt at getting help is met with sales, sales, sales. 

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Re: X10 R9000 drops Wifi

In all fairness, Netgear only offers free support for 90 days from date of purchase. Their warranty is for hardware failures. And you're 2 years in. So if you're wanting support from them, it costs. 


But that's why the forum is there. 

What firmware did you install to the R9000? 

Did you update over a hardwired connection (best way)? 

Did you try a factory reset after the firmware change? 

What extender did you add? (firmware on it as well)


CM2000-> Arris AX11000 W31-> GS716v2-> WAX***-AP
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