Re: X6 R8000 Rebooting under high load


X6 R8000 Rebooting under high load

I have a 2.5 inch Seagate portable external USB HDD connected to the router on the USB 2.0 port, via a mains powered hub.


I was syncing the HDD with my PC HDD over the network using Freefilesync at the same time as casting music from Tidal on my phone to a Chromecast audio - all on the same (5Ghz) home network.


Problem is, the router disconnected the HDD and also rebooted twice while trying to do these two things at once.  Is this a limitation of the hardware/a fault with the firmware/something that can be fixed?


I'm running the latest firmware.



Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: X6 R8000 Rebooting under high load

I've seen several posts recently with people having issues with the latest firmware for the R8000.  I'd actually try downgrading the firmware to prior to netgear Armor being installed and see if that fixes the issue. 

If you do so, downgrade over a hardwired connect and reset afterwards. 

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