X6S R8000P slow throughput, wired and wireless


X6S R8000P slow throughput, wired and wireless



I'm having some issues with slow throughput on R8000P Nighthawk X6S AC4000 router, whether wired or wireless. I know the issue is with the router and not past the demarc because I've plugged directly into modem as well as swapped my old linksys router back in and was able to get the desired bandwidth.


With Nighthawk router - .2 -.5 mbps (yes that is point 2 - point 5 as in 200kbps - 500kbps, wired and wireless)

All other means - 20mbps (yeah i know it sucks i live in the "country" and no access to a decent cable or fiber ISP)


Speeds have been verified through using multiple near by servers as well as using several different devices to verify speeds.


It's defintely the router.


I've tried rolling back the firmware from the previous version  (v1.2.1.6_1.1.86) to v1.1.4.6_1.1.85 but ended up with the same results.


Configuration is on point with 2.4 and 5 ghz 1 + 2 frequencies broadcasting on the right channels, SSID and PW all good to go.


Can't seem to figure this one out. Can you help me out here?


Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S—AC4000 Tri-Band WiFi Router
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Re: X6S R8000P slow throughput, wired and wireless

Things that people have tried to fix the "router is throttling my modem" issue with various devices:


  • Ensure that the cable from the router to the modem is up to the job
  • Check for the latest firmware (and a factory reset)
  • Check that you have the right internet settings for your ISP (especially MTU)
  • Turn off QoS
  • Turn off the Traffic Meter


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Re: X6S R8000P slow throughput, wired and wireless

Revisiting the topic, I still have not found a solution after calling Netgear tech support as well as checking all the things listed above. Cat5e cable, latest firmware installed ( as well as attempting to roll back to previous versions with no better results. All settings for ISP are good to go, including MTU of 1500. QoS and Traffic Metering are not on either. Still no luck.


Tech support had me play around with the broadcast channels, changing the 2.4ghz channel from 1 to 11, 5ghz -1 to channel 48 and 5ghz - 2 to 157. Nope, didnt fix it. Edit: I ran a wifi analyzer tool, there is no channel interference, this does not appear to be the issue. I do see the neighbors 2.4 broadcast barely peeking in range on channel 1 but its low enough that it shouldnt be a problem, either way i left it on channel 11.


Also I had all the SSID's set the same for 2.4, 5ghz 1 and 2. I have 14 devices all using different 802.11 protocols so I was hoping I can just have the same SSID and it cover all the devices in one swoop. Not sure if that works, so just in case i went ahead and created seperate SSID's for the channels. Still not working.


Netgear says give it 4-12 hours and if I dont see improvement then I can call them back and they will try a replacement.

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Re: X6S R8000P slow throughput, wired and wireless

Contacted Netgear Tech Support, ran through configuration, no fix, sending out replacement router.

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