XBOX 1 system update!!!!


XBOX 1 system update!!!!

Release today, one of the many fixes is wireless driver!!!!!!!!!!:D

Check it out and get your download on. Will be doing it soon:D
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Re: XBOX 1 system update!!!!

Guys just an update a good one at that:) So was excited theat MS pushed a new software update that included new WiFi drivers.

A little bit a of a back story:

When I was on FW v1.0.1.22 , since the 2.4 ghz was working well and the 5ghz was not performing well. I have been working with a Netgear tech like many other members and he has been extremely helpful. One of the options was to adjust the down the wireless mode from 1300 to 600 and to see if that would dice:mad:

The WiFi on the R7000 on the 2.4ghz side has been great to all my wireless clients and has been rock solid on all FW releases for me. The only 3 devices that were having problems connecting to the 5ghz side was my iPhone 5, xbox360 (external antenna) and the Xbox1.Let me add they were showing full signal strength from a long distance.

I am currently on the latest FW V1.0.2.164_1.0.15. The settings that I had at the time was the 5ghz was set at 1300 wireless mode and short preamble mode ( I do not have any legacy wireless devices connecting the R7000). I decided to adjust down the wireless mode to 600 and reset network in the iPhone 5.

The results!!!!!! Unbelievable, the XBOX1 which is located downstairs now it connects and I did a detail wireless test and the results were 13.8Mbps down/ 1.2 up!!!!! Latency went down from 215ms to 70ms and multiplay on BF4 is SUBLIME:D

iPhone 5 finally connects downstairs as well as the rest of the house, I have nearly the same wireless speed as the Xbox1.

In my case changing the wireless mode down from 1300 to 600 and keeping my short preamble allowed the devices to connect. Since I do not have any "AC" clients as of yet:D, I am suspecting that any of the slower devices will delegate the "wireless mode."
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