Re: XR500 or X10 wifi signal strength?


XR500 or X10 wifi signal strength?

I currently have my standard Arris wifi gateway from Cox. I am not getting great upload speeds to my xbox but I am getting almost 100% download speeds and signal strength on wifi.  I am looking to upgrade my router but here is the issue.  I can not hardwire the xbox for location reasons and it is also in a sperate room give or take about 40 feet from the gateways location. 


I know the XR500 is for gaming and all, but to be honest signal strength is more important to me. What is the point for all the gaming options if I cant get the signal to the device I am gaming on? 


My question to anyone who may be able to give me an answer is, which router will give me the best wifi signal strength through walls/kind of far away?

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Re: XR500 or X10 wifi signal strength?

Honestly? Install a network cable.


Still insist of doing wireless? Deploy access points (again cables...) in small cells to the same room where you expect the best wireless coverage.

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Re: XR500 or X10 wifi signal strength?

Due to government regulations no manufacturer can build a router that exceeds transmit power specifications so you will not see a big increase with a particular router over another. 

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Re: XR500 or X10 wifi signal strength?

Beyond, both the XR500 and the R9000 make use of the very same Qualcomm QCA9984 radio controllers and Skyworks (2.4 GHz) resp. RFMD/Quovo (5 GHz) power amps. 

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