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a bit buggy on DHCP addresses for r7000

I really like the R7000 so far. The only quirk I've noticed is that it has occassionally been creating IP address conflicts. This occurred when attaching an epson e3000 printer, and later with a Sonos system. I've resolved these by assigning a few fixed addresses. Hopefully this gets resolved in a future firmware update.

On the plus side, this router handles "sleeping" devices, such as nest thermostats and iphones overnight, much more gracefully than previous routers I've tried.
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Re: a bit buggy on DHCP addresses for r7000

Put trouble ticket with support at my.netgear.com

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Re: a bit buggy on DHCP addresses for r7000

Keep in mind that Sonos units are designed to self-manage when a DHCP server isn't available. It may be that switching between routers caused Sonos units to obtain different IP addresses from a different source. Simple solution is to power cycle all of your Sonos devices.
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