Re: better latency with VPN?


better latency with VPN?

My Problem at the moment is my ISP. They have new (very bad) Routing. In Evening times my ping increases to 200 ms and more 😞
It always starts on hop 6 😞

I can't play online because of that.

I don't know if they also throttle Bandwith of my xbox.

My Question is: If a VPN Provider has good peering. Would my gaming experience improve?

I would choose a Server in my Country because I don't want to get geo blocked content. I only want to have better latency and better Routes.
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Re: better latency with VPN?

No - your latency will not improve. Your problem appears to be one of congestion, possibly caused by "oversubscription" - you are connected to your ISP via a link with a limited bandwidth, and your ISP is in turn connected to their provider, via a link, which whilst it is faster than yours, also has a finite limit - most ISPs do not have enough bandwidth to supply all their subscribers at full "load", and they do this based on the fact that all of their subscribers are not using the internet at the same time - when you have sold more bandwidth to your subscribers than you have bought from your provider, you are oversubscribed. Oversubscription is a gamble, and like any gamble, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and when your ISP loses, you end up in the situation you're in, and the tell tale symptom is the increased latency during peak utilization periods, which is typically evening hours. Regardless of which VPN provider you choose, your data traffic will still have to traverse the same links to your ISP and onward from there to the VPN provider, so you will still see the same congestion, and the latency will not improve.

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Re: better latency with VPN?

I don't know how this all works. But I thought that because it starts always on hop 6 (aorta) then I can get another route with vpn?

If the VPN would choose another route it could be faster or not?

like this (scroll down for the screenshots)

or doesn't it work like this? Is this fake?
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