brand new R7000 issues


brand new R7000 issues

my wifi works perfect "sometimes"  still slow speeds. my only issue now is when I want to connect my laptop to  ethernet the light is red. how do I fix it. and does netgear have a technical support # so i can set this up properly thankyou.

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Re: brand new R7000 issues

Are you sure the light is red? There are only two colors for the Ethernet LEDs. White for Gigabit Ethernet connections and amber (orange) for 10/100 Mbps connections.


Your laptop may only have 10/100 Mbps Ethernet. If you are sure it has Gigabit Ethernet, then the Ethernet cable could be bad. Try a different one.

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Re: brand new R7000 issues

ok you face slow wifi issue . Do share

which devices you connected to is having issues.

What band have you connected the device with. Link rate if you can take a snapshot at a place where you face issues like slow speed.

Did you upgraded the firmware . Do share the current firmware version.

While you are facing slow speed was there any streaming going on with other devices like tv etc in home,


What is current ISP speed you get or subscribed to.



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