how to fix a blinking orange light
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Re: connectivity

Could you describe the problem a little bit more? Which light is blinking? What is the connectivity problem?
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Re: connectivity

I'm assuming that this is the internet connectivity light, from the subject line. The first thing to try is just rebooting or power-cycling your router. If this doesn't work, then please read below.

Let me ask if you've enabled IPv6, the rebooted or power-cycled your router, and you've lost your internet connection? Could be that. If that's the problem, here are two things that work for me, note that they may work for you in any case, IPv6 reboot issue or not, so try them:

1. Remove the WAN connection (ethernet cable from your modem) from the back of the router for 20 seconds or so, then replace it. You may see your internet connection restored from that. It isn't immediate, you generally have to wait up to half a minute or so.

2. Reset your modem. Resetting my cable modem will restore internet connectivity in most cases, if 1. above doesn't work.

Ultimately, if neither of the above work, you may need to reset your router and manually reconfigure it. If the problem is the IPv6 issue, it has been reported to Netgear, and the more reports they get the more likely they are to put time in on fixing it.
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Re: connectivity

Several things to check,

log into router and click advanced, then internet, connection status, see if IP info is filled in. if not try release then renew if after minute still blank, disable IPV6 if it was enabled and reboot router.

IPV6 is a problem with certain combinations, the problem I reported had to do with it preventing router from getting a IPV4 IP when rebooting or power cycling for any reason. I also found that IPV6 was changing the selected IPV6 to tunneling 6 to 4 after rebooting when it had been set to auto config. I never lost a connection caused by using IPV6. It just wouldn't negotiate a IPV4 IP from Comcast.

This is on a R6300V2 and I found that by removing the WAN cable it saved me from going to basement and rebooting modem. I've hadn't had to reboot modem in years when changing routers by doing this.

This IPV6 is more than likely a Comcast only problem BUT, It would be interesting to see if others can recreate the problem and if the R7000 has same issue.
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