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connects with laptop but not with cell phones

Have access using laptop, but cell phones and netflix (thru TV) continually connect and then lose connection. Using samsung 5s and 4s on two different networks (Tmobile/Sprint). Even though I have smartnetwork switch and allows allow scanning turned off on phones, phones continue to scan, draining batteries.

Is this an issue with the router or something else? Please help
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Re: connects with laptop but not with cell phones

I have that router set up as an access point (I doubt that makes any difference), and I have a great many different WiFi client devices including some that you mention. In my area when I scan the 2.4GHz band I see around 26 other networks, and the 5GHz band has about 3 other networks.

If we rule out electronic failure of your router for now, the next most likely cause of your issues is environmental e.g. interference from non-networking devices operating on the 2.4s and/or 5 GHz bands. There are many such devices e.g. video senders, baby monitors, security cameras, which are often high power and high bandwidth. These will not be apparent in a typical WiFi network scan.

You could perhaps take your router to a completely different location (you don’t need Internet access for this), and using one or more of those portable devices see if you can get a stable connection to the router, they will of course not have Internet access.
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