deleted posts


deleted posts

why the deleted posts?
it's not like there's any profanity or bashing
we're just expressing our frustration with this product
are the moderators on a power trip or something?I hope not
thanks for the support or lack there of.
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Re: deleted posts

I assume you are referring to the ‘recall’ thread? If so it was deleted at the request of a number of forum members and because, as I said in the thread these types of thread never go anywhere positive. If people have specific problems with the router or Netgear support or whatever then those types of thread are clearly allowed and are being posted, but a thread posted by someone who has already stated that they have bought another router from a different manufacturer which simply argues that the router is total rubbish and should be withdrawn isn’t acceptable when based on his assessment from his own experience and posts in this forum. The thread was already at the point where one group of people who are generally happy with the router but recognise there are issues, were exchanging heated comments with the other group of people that through it was more use as a door stop, the name calling and insults had already started. Had I let that thread carry on in that vein then you can be sure that one or more members would have ended up being banned by either me or the other moderators. So there’s no suppression of opinion provided people can express that opinion in a justifiable and balanced way.
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