disable port scan and dos protection


disable port scan and dos protection

I need help from experts Smiley Happy

Is there any Reason why this should be enabled? On my old Router is was disabled (default) and I´m not sure if I should disable it or enable it.

I user Port Triggers (port 3074 TCP/UDP for my xbox).

Like I understand a home Router can´t help you if you ar Dosed? And the DOS Protection has to process every Incoming packet.
Is it right, That i doesn´t really help?

If it only is dos protection I would disable it - but what does "port scan" in "disable port scan and dos protection" do?

Is it a security Problem if I disable it?
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Re: disable port scan and dos protection

Disabling logging for these attributes will not pose a security risk. You are not making yourself any more vulnerable not logging these types of attacks. They are there for monitoring and will provide a record in general terms for the types of threats and traffic your WAN sees.
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Re: disable port scan and dos protection

I don´t mean the logging of this but I mean the WAN Configuration.

Is it a security Risk to turn it off?
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