genie download


genie download

Hi. My router is an R7000p and it is working fine. However it is sometimes busier than I expect and (because?) there are a couple of devices attached wirelessly which I cannot identify. I am sure they are on 2.4 ghz because I have a completely unrelated comms device which  blinks when it detects traffic on a number of bands. It is malfunctioning intermittently and the suspicious traffic is visible on it at the time.  (In case you are wondering why I watch radiation detectors , the reason is, being 79 years old and a wreck, I'm now "bionic" and have to worry about stray radiation.The good bit is I dont have to go thru security portals or get wanded.  I do get "patted down" instead though. )

[The Mac addr for one indicates a Motorola/wuhan device and I dont think I have any of those. ]  This is different to last time I had suspicious  devices - these are not transient. Naturally I have tried turning everything connected wirelessly off to try to isolate the phantoms (most of my stuff is ethernet 'cos my apartment has all rooms cabled  so I dont have much wifi anyway). No luck so far.

[Have strong suspicion incidentally that some devices nowadays while "on standby"  are actually awake and chatting to their mummies. You have to physically disconnect power to make them completely quiet. Anybody got any advice on this?]

SO:-Anyway ...

I wanted to download the latest version of Genie to see if that gives more info.

BUT:  I haven't located a site from which to download it. Google takes me to a site operated by DSOne; I am reluctant to install from there.


PLEASE therefore tell me where I can get the genie app for windows (the pc I am on is Win 8 Pro; I already have previous versions on win 7 and win 10. .

FYI I do not normally use the Genie for router administration.  The R7000p is an access point for a TP-Link modem/router (supplied by the service provider) which is my primary net connection. Have to be very careful with Genie because it will happily try to "fix" the modem for me which can create some nasty situations. So normally I use a browser for admin jobs. I would like to use the Genie's DLNA capability, only I can only infrequently get it to work; could this be that Momma Microsoft is discouraging all media handling other than hers?

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