iPad cannot connect to XBMC via the R7000


iPad cannot connect to XBMC via the R7000

I have the nighthawk set up and a wireless access point. It runs fine. I use it primarily for my iPad.

I have a pc hard wired to the router ; also runs fine. I am wrung Win 8.1 pro and XMBC. All good. And I can even connect to that pc via my iPad using Teamviwee on the iPad .. All good.

HOWEVER, when I try to connect to the XMBC server using any IOS app on the pad, it won't coonect. See background here :

I have narrowed the problem to the everything works fine when I connect via a different access point on the same home network.

So what do I need to tweak on the nighthawk??? I already have access control turned off, so it's not that.

I can't find anything else! Any suggestions. ???
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Re: iPad cannot connect to XBMC via the R7000

Check "wireless isolation" feature in the router GUI
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Re: iPad cannot connect to XBMC via the R7000

Thanks for the tip.

I could not find a wireless isolation option but did find Advanced/Security/Access Control. It was already set correctly (turned off), but the act of playing around with the setting , and returning them back, somehow, helped!! Either a coincidence or a bug - but now I can connect !
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