Re: install/configure for internet-only service on FIOS ONT


install/configure for internet-only service on FIOS ONT

Greetings Community:


I just purchased an R6900P-100NAS and getting FIOS internet-only service(100/100) installed on Friday.  This is a new residence(condo) and has been wired by VZ but no FIOS services were previously installed here.   Based on my old FIOS setup the newer ONT has both coax(MOCA) and ethernet but I was previosuly using the TV service so had their FIOS Quantum modem/router connected via coax and then ethernet to my PC's.  I have reviewed some of the posts here and it appears I can just connect via ethernet cable directly to the ONT.  Do I just follow the basic router setup instructions and should it just work out fo the box?  Are there any parameters or gotcha's I need to be aware of?  I also downloaded that app but prefer to manually login to the router and configure it there.


Any guidance or reference to proper/releavant KB's or other doc's would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


All the best


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Re: install/configure for internet-only service on FIOS ONT

Yes, connect the ONT directly to your router via etherent.

It will probably work out of the box but there are a dozen or so settings that you may want to adjust for security purposes. It really depends on how familiar you are with retail routers/networking and how parinoid (cautious Smiley Happy) you are about security.

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