low speeds over 2.4G


low speeds over 2.4G

i just got my R7500 few days ago, and I have some speed issues.

when I'm connecting to the 2.4G network the connection rate is max 144Mbps and sometime 72Mbps while I'm 2 meters from the router.

over the 5G network the connection rate is 300Mbps fixed.

I made some speed tests from 2 laptops to an USB2 HDD that connected to the router:

1. over Ethernet(1Gbit):
write/read - 18/50 MBps (145/400 Mbps)

2. over 2.4G(144Mbit) network with "Enable 20/40 MHz Coexistence " turned on:
write/read - 5.5/5.5 MBps (45/45 Mbps)

3. over 2.4G network(150-300Mbit) with "Enable 20/40 MHz Coexistence " turned off:
write/read - 6/6 MBps (48/48 Mbps)

4. over 5G network(300Mbit):
write/read - 10/14 MBps (80/113 Mbps)

I'm sorry but I don't understand how I'm standing 2 meters from the router and on 2.4G network the reception bar is mostly not "full", and I have low transfer speeds.

any help would be appreciated.


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Re: low speeds over 2.4G

Ensure WMM is still enabled on the router and also enabled on your laptop WIFI interface. (make sure your laptop WIFI driver is up to date). I also found it seems to work better if you assign a channel (1,6,11) to the 2.4ghz radio, as opposed to auto. Also, leave mode at 600mb - 2.4ghz. Leave QoS off..
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