netgear ac1900 model c7000v2


netgear ac1900 model c7000v2

This cable modem and router worked very well in my 850 sf home .  I'm in a 2,000 sf home now and there are dead spots, or the signal will just drop.  I have heard that a mesh network is the way to fix this issue.  However, I don't want to replace this cablr modem / router.  What mesh systmenworks well with tis modem/router?

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Re: netgear ac1900 model c7000v2

Try plugging your needs into the filters on the product pages:


Wireless Routers for Home | NETGEAR


WiFi Range Extenders: Boost Your WiFi Range | NETGEAR




Orbi: Whole Home WiFi System for Better WiFi Everywhere | NETGEAR


Then check back here for reports on the things you are considering, but remember that people turn up in this community with problems, not compliments. So look at reviews on Amazon, for example.

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Re: netgear ac1900 model c7000v2

2000sqft isn't a huge size. Usually 1 router can cover it if its centrally located and the home materials don't block wifi. 

If you do look at extenders, I usually recommend the triband mesh extenders. They high lower latency, higher throughput, and tend to be more stable. 

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