netgear is awful


netgear is awful

F$@& NETGEAR!!! First of all my wifi keeps shutting on and off ever 5 minutes. i live in macon georgia and y’all need to fix yalls junk. your company is trash and my parents didn’t pay 500 dollars for half a$@ internet. this has been going on for idk how long but fix this junk
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Re: netgear is awful

If you have ADSL or VDSL, it's very possible that one of your lines is constantly going down. I've had this happen to me. I called my ISP and was told I'd have to wait a week before they sent a tech out. So I did what any curious fella would do... I went out to my Network Interface Device (i hope thats the correct term) and fixed it myself. 

One of the wires on Line 2 was broken inside the protective covering. I cut the cable, stripped it, and rewired it. I still had to wait for my ISP to okay everything, but I haven't had problems since.

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Re: netgear is awful

> [...] my wifi keeps shutting on and off ever 5 minutes. [...]

   "shutting on"?

> [...] fix this junk

   Have you considered the advantages of revealing what your "this junk"
might be, and what you're doing with it, so that when Netgear
engineering sees this complaint, they'll know what to work on after they
drop everything (else)?

   An actual model number and firmware version would be a good start
toward a less childish problem report.  Of course, if this was intended
as only a rant, then there's no reason to bother with such details.

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