new firmware blocks L2TP?


new firmware blocks L2TP?

I updated the firmware of my netgear R7000 to V1.0.4.18_1.1.52

As with the previous buggy 1.04. version I am no longer able to establish an L2TP connection through the system preferences of my MacBook Pro late 2013. I am running MacOsX 10.10.2

I have my Netgear hooked up to my providers modem using a DMZ active true Ip mode. So it is directly connected to internet with it's own external IP address.

Oddly I can establish L2TP with my providers modem passing by the Netgear.

But when I connect to the R7000 it will not establish a LP2TP connection.

Likewise my iPhone will not get a LP2TP connection on the Netgear's WiFi but when I switch it to 4G it has no problem.

What could be wrong?
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Re: new firmware blocks L2TP?

Thats not the latest firmware. Try v1.0.4.30. 


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