nighthawk X6 (R8000) and connecting an NG 16 port (GS116) switch


nighthawk X6 (R8000) and connecting an NG 16 port (GS116) switch

Hello.... I just purchased the nighthawk X6 router and  GS116 switch.  I want to use the router as a router with all of it's functions (QoS, MAC filering etc...)  But when I conducted the intial set-up as a router, it doesn't recognize the switch.  I suppose I could have it hanging off of the switch as an access point, but that won't give me the router options I desire.  I haven't tried it yet but do I need to make the uplink cable from the switch a X-over cable?  Thought things by now would be auto-sensing.  With my older networking equipment  I'm replacing I was able to have the switch connected to the router with no issues.  Both items Netgear, small 5 port switch and the N600 WNDR3700V3 router.  Everything worked great except for wireless range coverage.  This is why I bought NG again.  So to recap... I'd like to have all of my wired devices connected to the switch,  currently I have about 8. And use the router as a router with all of the designed features, DHCP svr, MAC filtering, QoS, Parental controls etc...  Signal flow  ISP TO THE HOME> CABLE MODEM>ROUTER>SWITCH.   If it's setup as an access point I won't get that capability, because all of the wired devices will be before the router.  Signal flow: ISP TO THE HOME> CABLE MODEM>SWITCH> ROUTER.  Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: nighthawk X6 (R8000) and connecting an NG 16 port (GS116) switch

All modern Ethernet ports are auto-sensing.  First make sure the Ethernet ports on the Nighthawk are working by plugging a computer directly into it.  Then, using that same cable, connect the switch to the Nighthawk.


The your cable modem a pure modem or does it have a router built into it?  If it's a pure modem, then ISP TO THE HOME> CABLE MODEM>ROUTER>SWITCH is the correct setup.

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