Re: online gaming for Gears, call of duty etc


online gaming for Gears, call of duty etc

Looking for the best setup for my router for online gaming. For shooters like gears of war, call of duty. Noticing some lag, non hit detection etc. Need help to setup for best online experience thanks.

Model: R8500|Nighthawk X8 Tri-Band AC5300 WiFi Router
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Re: online gaming for Gears, call of duty etc

Hello @Sniper44

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Kindly describe further on your network setup. 

How many devices/computers are connected? How do you play these games? Is it through a gaming console or a PC?

Is it wired or wirelessly connected to the router? Is it only happening when you play a game? Is it happening when you're browsing?
If it's wireless, make sure to avoid any devices that may interfere with the wireless connection. 

Try changing channel and also relocating the devices to have a better connection. 

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Re: online gaming for Gears, call of duty etc

Hi Sniper44,

I do feel you as it has been my frustration as well.

In my case I was able to reduce the network/internet lag considerably by turning off Dynamic QoS and changing the firewall to Open. I have 110/11 Mb Internet speeds. While got to deal with 3 more gamers at the same time (my beloved children, which are on collage already) and my always online wife watching her stuffs, I have tryed more than 4 routers in less than 3 months and finally I found a sweet (but no perfect) spot on a real ISP connection world scenario.

This R8500 unit won with the best wifi signal and speed I have tested on a residential gateway/router with the addition of few other firmware options to explore if you are willing to do so.

Back on track, it looks like the SPI and the Dynamic QoS is adding that fraction of time, which is crucial for a good reaction time on game like CoD, Doom, etc. Don't forget a golden rule, it is no recommended to play these games over a wireless connected device. Also, I do understand that such game servers have problems on their own. But as I said before, turning off/not enabling these two functions aliviate such lags. Also have in mind that there are other factors on Steam that can also contribute to get you on "no so optimal in relation to your connection" game lobby.

On a side note, while most of users/gamers recommend port forwarding and/or triggering, I have noted that UPnP is performing great, but again not perfect, if the network Node (Game Console/Computer) is using DHCP and both of the Advertisement Period and TTL are set to 1. In most of the cases UPnP will deal with Open NAT issue.

And again, all of these changes/setting are for my specific case/scenario.

Hope it might help you and others as well.

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