orange light r6700v2


orange light r6700v2

I found my router shows orange light.

Do you know why and how to fix it?

I called customer services and they said if I wanna fix this, I should pay because my warranty was expired. 


Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: orange light r6700v2

i don't have a R6700 so I'm basing this off the manual. the second light in should be for the internet connection. If you look in the manual here's what it says:

• Solid white. The Internet connection is ready.
• Solid amber. The router detects an Ethernet cable connection to the modem.
• Off. No Ethernet cable is connected between the router and the modem.


Yours is amber so it recognizes that its connected to the modem but its not actually online. did you reset/reboot your modem or have an issue with it? Here's how I'd start with troubleshooting. 

1. make sure the modem works or is initiallized. by this I mean, power off the modem, hook up your computer directly to it, power it back on. give it a couple minutes to fully boot. Does it work? If yes go to next step. If not then we need more info on the modem (model number, isp provided, etc)

2. If it work, shut off the modem, shut off the router. Reboot in the order. Turn modem on. waitt 2-3 minutes for it to fully boot and connect. Then turn on the router, give it a couple minutes to fully boot. Once its fully booted, can you connect to the router and browse the internet?


Here's the link to your support site. It has manuals (that details this), install guides, and firmware. Check to make sure your firmware is up to date.

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