packet loss every 15 minutes


packet loss every 15 minutes

Model: R6700V3

Firmware: Latest (V1.0.4.78_10.0.55)


Hello, I have a problem with my r6700v3. It began a few weeks ago when i noticed my connection was dropping randomly in the middle of games and friends over xbox would go r2d2 (choppy roboticy) when they talked, and if in a game, everyone would freeze and i'd rubberband around.


It seems really random, but im guessing every 15 minutes or more it'll hit, and when it does usually the other people im playing with feel it too depending.


This doesnt just affect xbox, it affects the whole network. While sitting in a party i was browsing on my phone and i heard my friend's voices die and the page i went too took a lot longer to load as well (phone on wifi) I checked the router logs and all it says is that 2 devices with different macs that arent on my network have this: [WLAN access rejected: incorrect security]


I'm not sure what this means but as i said i dont see those devices even on my network, i was thinking maybe that was the cause of the problem.


If i try connecting either my xbox or pc into the modem that i put in bridge mode, it wont let me navigate to the router's address, and the adapter says "ethernet cable unplugged" so if i want to modify anything on the modem i'd have to reset everything.


i put my modem that i got from my ISP into bridge mode, and im using my nighthawk router for both wifi and ethernet connections. (my xbox and pc are the only ethernet devices)


I've tried resetting it before, but maybe im doing something wrong. I also have QOS on for my xbox, and use port forwarding/upnp to get open nat. I can't figure out why the router is doing this to me and it'd be great if i could get any help on this issue, thanks.

Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: packet loss every 15 minutes

Have you tried to disable QOS see if that makes a difference?



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