Re: r7000 connection ports 2-4 not working


r7000 connection ports 2-4 not working

Second time this has happenned. had to reboot our network system and now network ports 2-4 are not working when I plug in my computer or ay other device. only port 1 works which feeds a hub to the rest of the house. the Wi-Fi and connectivity of port 1 still works.  this happened one other time and for several months did not work, then one day the ports started working. please help me figure out what keeps happening. these costs a lot of money and shouldn't keep crapping out like this.

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Re: r7000 connection ports 2-4 not working

Hi Can you try the below firmware.


If the port is working now then probable firmware issues. As if no working till now then chances for hardware failure.

But it has to be all 4 ports. Try the below fw and see if issue fixed. Do a heavy file transfer across ports and see if its stable.

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Re: r7000 connection ports 2-4 not working

OK, sorry, not sure how to load up the firmware. It is up to date with their current firmware. I'm sure it isn't a hardware issue as this happened before, and yhen started working across all ports for several more months.

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Re: r7000 connection ports 2-4 not working

Hi @jdbsr66,


Here is how you can update the firmware manually.




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