r7000 drops internet connection


r7000 drops internet connection

After updating to the latest firmware I notice my internet connection has been dropping lately.  I've logged into the modem itself and don't see any issues in the logs and have tried rebooting the router a couple times.  Any other suggestions out there?

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: r7000 drops internet connection

First thing to try after updating and noticing a problem, reboot the router, but using the Advanced Tab on top, Administration, Backup Settings on left, and then the Revert to Factory Default settings... but BACKUP your settings first. Once it reboots, MANUALLY just set up your WIRELESS settings manually and SEE if it works.


If it does, you now have 2 choices... manually restore ALL your settings and test, or use the BACKUP and test. If the BACKUP method should fail, you could have a corrupted configuration. So again use the Revert process and then MANUALLY reset all your settings. Works fine you are done... problem was a corrupted configuration.


If it still fails, go back to you old firmware version and report it to NG if still under Warranty.

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Re: r7000 drops internet connection

I'll give it a go this weekend. 

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