r7300 Continuous dropouts on firmware


r7300 Continuous dropouts on firmware

Looks like the firmware from 2015 caused continual dropouts. Geek squad pointed me to Netgear, and Rama at Netgear claimed they could not support this product at all, pointing me to Geek Squad. I rolled back the driver to the initial release driver, and the dropouts have stopped.


Is there any planned firmware release past the 2015 release to solve this problem?


Also, please never release anything with Geek Squad again. After giving them unprecedented access to my computer, they sent me back to Netgear who ignored my issue. The runaround due to a lack of ownership does NOT make for good customer relationships.

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Re: r7300 Continuous dropouts on firmware

We too have the same issue with random drops of connection. Does not affect internal network, but connection to cable modem. A reboot usually does the trick and only began after the most recent 12/15/15 firmware update.  Considering rollback also.

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Re: r7300 Continuous dropouts on firmware

I'm currently going through this same bullsh!t. Our 5G Wireless network just disappears for 5 minutes at a time, multiple times throughout the day. I called Netgear for support, and they advised that since I have 1 year of support with GeekSquad that I had to call those imbeciles. So, I called them. They told me that I'd need to either bring in the unit for testing, or have someone come do an onsite evaluation. What are they going to do? Sit around my house and wait for the network to drop and be like "Oh yeah, it is doing that....but we have no idea why. Sorry."


GeekSquad is a joke. Didn't even want to check any logging or anything. They are far from subject matter experts since they're reading from a script (a terrible script, I might add).


I called NetGear back and they offered to sell me a subscription to their product support. I bought a product 1 month ago and you're trying to charge me to support the **bleep** thing? I don't think I'll ever be buying NetGear products in the future, especially not products supported by GeekSquad. What a freakin' joke.

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